GRD General
You can get a valid route without any registration at all.
But if you like to contribute to our project, a valid VATSIM-ID is required.
A lot pages have a blue button called "Help me" on the right border of the page.
On the Admin -> My Account page you can find information about our user rights system.
On the Routes -> Manage routes page you can find a lot of information about the management system of the routes.
Everybody can add routes and edit invalid routes. Just log-in with your VATSIM-ID and you can start.

Route Database
You can find an explanation how to add a route on the page Routes -> Manage routes when you click on the blue button "Help Me" on the border of the page.
We have currently over 18'000 valid routes in our database.
We're sorry, that you couldn't find a matching route for your request.
As our GRD just got released to the community and everyone is invited to provide valid routes, there might be a route available soon.
Or maybe you'd like to support us? You can add missing routes by yourself. Just log-in with your VATSIM-ID.

Route Validation
Please use the validator of Eurocontrol directly.You can find it HERE, right column - in the section flight planning, the link to the validator on this page is named "Free Text Editor".